Dissolve the old - repicture the obvious.

Rework economy, rethink politics, revolve society, repurpose everything - and with it, shape the fundamental changes necessary for tackling the climate crisis and creating a better future.
Chrysopoeia aims to bring attention to the faults in our systems, hence the causes of climate change and the consequences of our inaction.

Using the power of art and design helps to evoke emotional attachment, critical thinking, and the motivation for shifting ones’ mind. 

Chrysopoeia is a solution-based caboodle of creative projects with the focus on initiating a new reality through imagination. It does so by drawing them into existence, by giving new perspectives on old and obsolete ideas, creating images for actual alternatives, and picturing goals and indicators for a thriving society.

In alchemy, the term chrysopoeia (Ancient Greek: χρυσοποιία, khrusopoiia) means transmutation into gold (from the Greek χρυσός, khrusos, "gold", and ποιεῖν, poiein, "to make").

It symbolically indicates the creation of the philosopher's stone and the completion of the Great Work.


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