Our Ecosystem is a Perpetuum Mobile

We need to radically and systematically change our ways of living. Giving up plastic straws doesn’t get us there, instead, we have to take a step back and look at everything in a holistic way. We live in our ecosystem and additionally, we’ve created a whole bunch of human-constructed systems, that determin our everyday life. The Ecosystem is self-sustaining but our constructed systems are not. Right now, coming across products, operations and standards that work in a circular way is the exception right now. But this is exactly the new normality we need. That leads to the question that carries this artwork: How can we create new norms and thus a new normality? Our Ecosystem is a Perpetuum Mobile is based on the following theory: People think intuitively, so, desired behaviour must be visible, easily observable and integrated into day-to-day life. By using simple, ordinary, and, in a way, unexciting objects to illustrate with, these objects become bearers of the visions, ideas, and norms that have been put onto them. Now, the new norms are embedded in our day and slowly become so obvious we won’t even realise they are there.
︎Our Ecosystem is a Perpetuum Mobile takes the concept of self-sustaining systems and applies it to everyday objects, aiming to initiate anew, self-sustaining normality.


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